Win2k, rsync, and ssh on cygwin

Sarah Barwig sarah at
Tue Jan 14 04:47:01 EST 2003


The subject line pretty much says it all. Oh, that plus I'm tearing my
hair out trying to get it all to play nice together.

rsync version = 2.5.5 protocol version 26
OpenSSH_3.5p1, SSH protocols 1.5/2.0, OpenSSL 0x0090608f
cygwin -- downloaded in the last 3 days from official mirrors.

I'm trying to make one Win2k box rsync with another Win2k box. I managed
to get it such that an initial rsync (box A pushed bunches o' files to
box B) was slow, but functional. 

Trying to make a second rsync occur has completely escaped me. ssh hogs
up 99.9% of the CPU (on box A, the "sender"), a profiler shows not much 
in the way of actual traffic going out of box A, box B remains mostly
idle, occasionally getting something from rsync.

Any pointers on where I can find the solution to this problem? (Aside
from sticking a freakin' Debian box in between the Win2k boxes because
they can both talk to a 3rd Debian box I have access to for testing, but isn't
really an option for daily usage.)


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