configure issue (ac_cv_lib_inet_connect) on DYNIX/ptx

Michael Sterrett -Mr. Bones.- msterret at
Tue Jan 14 02:08:00 EST 2003

Greetings -

    In trying to get rsync-2.5.6pre1 working on DYNIX/ptx, I found I
    needed to pass ac_cv_lib_inet_connect=no to configure in order for
    it actually create a properly configured config.h file.

    I think this is because configure looks for connect in libinet,
    (and finds one there somehow).  But connect() is resolved by libsocket
    (but configure doesn't find it when it looks there).  I've never taken
    the time to delve into the guts of autoconf, so I'm not sure if this
    is a general autoconf problem or a problem that is specific to rsync.

    At any rate, hopefully, this will be useful to someone.  I can send
    a config.log file to anyone who's interested.

    After passing ac_cv_lib_inet_connect=no to configure, all tests either
    PASS or SKIP so it looks good.

    I also get this warning, which is trivial, but it would be nice to
    clean it up:

	"cleanup.c", line 36: portability warning: trigraph sequence replaced

    This is from the (????) in cleanup.c.  To get rid of the warning,
    just remove the (????) from line 36.

Michael Sterrett
  -Mr. Bones.-
michael.sterrett at

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