Please test rsync-2.5.6pre1

Dave Dykstra dwd at
Mon Jan 13 17:17:00 EST 2003

The first rsync-2.5.6 pre-release version is now available at:

There's also a corresponding '.sig' file that contains a gpg signature
of the file; the public key is available on the pgp keyservers.

Please test it out thoroughly and report problems and bug fix patches to
this mailing list.

Known issues that will probably need to be resolved before the final
    1.  The Redhat Linux ia64 and Alpha and the OpenBSD Sparc64 ports are
        all failing the daemon-gzip-upload and daemon-gzip-download tests
        even though the basic daemon test succeeds.  The OpenBSD test
        reports a core dump, and I suspect they're all having the same
        problem related to 64 bit.  See build output on
	Somebody else is going to have to fix this, I don't have the
    2.  The NetBSD i386 port is failing the chgrp test.  NetBSD users, see
    3.  --copy-unsafe-links is badly broken.  I'm planning on trying to
	fix this myself.
    4.	The --modify-window option should default to 2 seconds or 1 second
	on Cygwin.  I'll put this in once somebody determines which it
	should be.
    5.	The documentation hosts allow & hosts deny needs to be updated for

Changes since the 2.5.5 release:


    * The --delete-after option now implies --delete.  (Wayne Davison)

    * The --suffix option can now be used with --backup-dir.  (Michael

    * Combining "::" syntax with the -rsh/-e option now uses the
      specified remote-shell as a transport to talk to a (newly-spawned)
      server-daemon.  This allows someone to use daemon features, such
      as modules, over a secure protocol, such as ssh.  (JD Paul)

    * The rsync:// syntax for daemon connections is now accepted in the
      destination field.

    * If the file name given to --include-from or --exclude-from is "-",
      rsync will read from standard input.  (J.W. Schultz)

    * New option --link-dest which is like --compare-dest except that
      unchanged files are hard-linked in to the destination directory.
      (J.W. Schultz)

    * Don't report an error if an excluded file disappears during an
      rsync run.  (Eugene Chupriyanov and Bo Kersey)

    * Added .svn to --cvs-exclude list to support subversion.  (Jon

    * Properly support IPv6 addresses in the rsyncd.conf "hosts allow"
      and "hosts deny" fields.  (Hideaki Yoshifuji)

    * Fix "forward name lookup failed" errors on AIX 4.3.3.  (John
      L. Allen, Martin Pool)

    * Generate each file's rolling-checksum data as we send it, not
      in a separate (memory-eating) pass before hand.  This prevents
      timeout errors on really large files. (Stefan Nehlsen)

    * Fix compilation on Tru64.  (Albert Chin, Zoong Pham)

    * Better handling of some client-server errors.  (Martin Pool)

    * Fixed a crash that would occur when sending a list of files that
      contains a duplicate name (if it sorts to the end of the file
      list) and using --delete.  (Wayne Davison)

    * Fixed a bug that caused rsync to lose the exit status of its child
      processes and sometimes return an exit code of 0 instead of showing
      an error.  (David R. Staples, Dave Dykstra)


    * Many code cleanups and improved internal documentation.  (Martin 
      Pool, Nelson Beebe)

    * More test cases.  (Martin Pool)

    * Updated included popt to the latest vendor drop, version 1.6.4.
      (Jos Backus)

- Dave Dykstra
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