Segmentation Fault on Large (over 2 gig) file from Win2k client to Win2k daemon.

David Starks-Browning starksb at
Sun Jan 12 21:11:01 EST 2003

[Sorry for the late reply.  I was on holiday.  Apologies if this has
already been answered, but I did not find a matching reply with the
same subject in the list archives.}

On Monday 23 Dec 02, Michael Bourgon writes:
> I am trying to sync some large (greater than 2
> gigabytes) files, pushing them from a Win2k client to
> a Win2k machine running the rsync daemon.  Both
> machines have the CYGWIN environmental variable set to
> ...

Cygwin does not support large files (> 2GB).  Sorry.


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