Windows and default --modify-window=0

Max Bowsher maxb at
Fri Jan 10 18:31:02 EST 2003

Dave Dykstra wrote:
> Ok, I agree --modify-window should default to 2 (or 1 if that's all
> that's really needed) on cygwin.  However, I don't like os-specific
> defines.

They have the advantage that the entire logic is visible in the .c file,
rather than split between the .c and

> That _WIN32 we've got there is the only one currently in the code, and
> there's no occurrances of __CYGWIN__.   I'd rather have a
> rule for it.  Any suggestions on a good one?  At a minimum there's an
> AC_CYGWIN macro but that's not much different than just checking for
> __CYGWIN__.  Probably it would be worth calling AC_CYGWIN and then
> setting
> a DEFAULT_MODIFY_WINDOW to 2 in configure if $CYGWIN=yes.

AC_CYGWIN is obsolete - the autoconf manual recommends something like this:
AC_CANONICAL_HOST  # at some point above
case $host_os in
  *cygwin* ) DEFAULT_MODIFY_WINDOW=2;;
         * ) DEFAULT_MODIFY_WINDOW=0;;
> As far as I
> know there is no other port of rsync to Windows yet except under
> Cygwin
> so I don't think it is worth putting in extra code to support
> something
> that may never be used.  Or, perhaps we should key off of the $EXEEXT
> variable which gets set to '.exe' on Windows; anybody have an opinion
> on
> that?

Yuk! :-)


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