Windows and default --modify-window=0

Lapo Luchini lapo at
Thu Jan 9 23:17:11 EST 2003

jw schultz wrote:

>>This message says it is 2 seconds aso on NTFSD actually:
>I don't use windows myself.  I just recall that one of the
>windows filesystem has timestamps in the milliseconds.
I also thought that, but that mesage says that the various times 
(creation/modification/access) have *different* resolution 0_o
(it seems crazy to me, but 'realistic' in a strangely Microsoft way ^_^)

>Depends on how urgent this is.  Given you have a workaround
>i'd get it in cvs and wait.  Assuming the 2.5.6 really does
>happen soon.
I was just aksing about that.. I usually do packages once or twice a 
month, if 2.5.6 is not that far I'd way it ^_^

>Please try a modify-window of 1.  Maybe my math is off
>somehow but i don't think it needs to be greater than 1.
>Take a look at the code in util.c.  If you truncate to 2
>second resolution and compare against 1 second resolution
>the difference should never be greater than 1 second.
>It won't make a difference very often but i'd still feel
>better making the window as small as possible.
If it is done with a granularity equal to the modification-time I'd 
agree, but if granularity is greater you could as well have 2-epsilon 
time difference (epsilon being the granularity).. isn't it?

I've not yet seen the code anyway, so I should shut up =)

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