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Lapo Luchini lapo at
Thu Jan 9 12:03:00 EST 2003

Oliver Krehan wrote:

>Hi there,
>I have a problem syncronizing a windows machine with a linux box.
>I want to backup the "My Documents" folder. Therefore I burned the data
>on a cdrom because the windows pc is only connected over a slow wan
>connection to the linux box. When I copy the data to the users home
>directory (using samba and another windows pc) and run the rsync program
>all the files are copied once more. I made some tests and changed the
>ownership and the also the file permissions for the copied data on the
>linux box but still rsync wants to transfer all the data, even if they
>look exactly the same after the transfer. If I use rsync to copy the
>data for the first time everything works fine.
I guess the problem is that the date on the linux box is newer... the 
following options *may* help you:

              Normally  rsync  will  skip  any files that are already 
the same
              length and have the same time-stamp. With the --size-only 
              files  will be skipped if they have the same size, 
regardless of
              timestamp. This is useful when starting to use rsync after 
              another  mirroring  system  which  may  not  preserve 
        -I, --ignore-times          don't exclude files that match 
length and time

>On the windows machine (Win2000 SP3) I run rsync 2.5.1 protocol version
>25 in a cygwin environement.
I would suggest you toupdate your environment too: current rsync release 
on cygwin is 2.5.5

>reasons over a ssh tunnel.
also openssh was updated much.

You can of course use to easily update it all.

>Is there a simple way to burn windows data on a cdrom, then to the right
>directory on the linux machine and run rsync without transfering the
>whole data once again ?
You can always create a .tar.bz2 to better preserve date and 
permissions... but I would first try with what I said before in this 

best regards,

Lapo 'Raist' Luchini
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