Replaced file?

Max Kipness II mkipness at
Thu Jan 9 04:29:01 EST 2003

Hello -
I'm wondering if there is a way around this particular issue?
I backup a database into a dump file. I backup this file using rsync. I
then make a few minor changes in the database and then create another
dump file. I then backup with rsync. Instead of merely backing up the
incremental changes, it backs up the entire file. I'm sure this is due
to the fact that the creation of the dump file doesn't really modify or
update the file, but overwrites with a new file. However, the fact
remains that there are only a few changes to the dump file.
Is there anyway around this? Is there some way to make rsync think this
is the same file? How does rsync know this is indeed a different file?
Thanks - Max
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