Rsync and windows

Oliver Krehan okrehan at
Wed Jan 8 16:17:00 EST 2003

Hi there,

I have a problem syncronizing a windows machine with a linux box.
I want to backup the "My Documents" folder. Therefore I burned the data
on a cdrom because the windows pc is only connected over a slow wan
connection to the linux box. When I copy the data to the users home
directory (using samba and another windows pc) and run the rsync program
all the files are copied once more. I made some tests and changed the
ownership and the also the file permissions for the copied data on the
linux box but still rsync wants to transfer all the data, even if they
look exactly the same after the transfer. If I use rsync to copy the
data for the first time everything works fine.

On the windows machine (Win2000 SP3) I run rsync 2.5.1 protocol version
25 in a cygwin environement. The linux box runs RedHat 7.3 with rsync
version 2.5.5 protocol version 26. The connections runs for security
reasons over a ssh tunnel.

Is there a simple way to burn windows data on a cdrom, then to the right
directory on the linux machine and run rsync without transfering the
whole data once again ?

Please help and thanks in advance.

O. Krehan

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