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Tue Jan 7 20:36:00 EST 2003

Good morning and Happy New Year 2003!

Let it be prosperous for both you and me!

Below you see a very short version of my CV as of January 2003 
for your kind consideration and update. 

Word, TXT, and PDF version of the complete CV are available upon request.

Enjoy the economic recovery!

Make it a great day:



ZAR PETKOV, Nov. 2002                              (905) 727-2176
Toronto, CANADA                          ZarPetkov at Compuserve.COM

Enterprise Rescue-Operation Consultant for large - scale projects
in Java/J2EE/EJB/XML/JMS or C#/C++/.NET & Rule-based environments. 

COMDEX Best Application World Trophy, with the Merrill Lynch team;
RON technology candidate of the year ( over 500 member companies);
Individual Liberty Mutual Award for critical project contribution.

Distributed Multi-tier Architectures; CORBA/COM/DCOM; C++;C#,JAVA;
Rule-Based  Expert  Systems, AI, Aion  8,  ILOG,  JRules,  PROLOG,

EJB/J2EE Certification by Brainbench, Oct. 2001, Cert.  ID3289262
SUN Java 2 Platform Certification,    Dec. 2000, Cert. FA4DTT19C2

Developing Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (C#,XML,SOAP) apps - 2002
Developing Web Applications with Vignette 6.0 and WebLogic - 2001
Developing Enterprise Applications with Vignette StoryServ - 2000
Developing Enterprise Applications with BEA WebLogic 5.1   - 2000
Java for Gurus (B. Werner course)                          - 1999
XML for B2B Communication  (D. Webber course)              - 1999
Java Design Patterns & Idioms for Scalable Architecture    - 1999
Java Design & Development with BEA WebLogic App Server     - 1999
Rule-Based programming Advisor/J (ActiveWorks/WebMethods)  - 1999
Building Rational Rose’98 Functional COM Extensions        - 1998

Ph.D. Thesis "CONTEXT Expert Systems Development Tool",1987- 1990
Thesis published in Japan, Germany, France, Greece, by  IEEE, ACM.
M.Sc. Mathematical Modeling in Computer Science, from  Sofia Univ.

FORTUNE 500 Clients: Vodafone, Nokia, AC, Intuit, Toronto Stock Ex.
Telus Communications / Edmonton Telephone, Canadian Imperial  Bank
Commerce  (CIBC) Trust, CIBC Investment Division Wood  Gundy,  IBM
Global  Solutions,  IBM   Corporation and  Labs,  Liberty  Mutual,
Fidelity Investments, General Electric, Merrill Lynch, AEtna  Life
& Casualty,  Rockwell international

Repeat  FORTUNE  500 Clients: Canadian Imperial Bank  of  Commerce
(CIBC),  IBM  Global Solutions ( IBM Consulting ISSE  Corp.),  IBM
Corporation and Laboratories, Merrill Lynch.

FOR: Computer Assosc.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lead Architect ~~~~~
Quebec City,  QB   "Intelligent Healthcare Risk Management System"
Nov.02 - Jan.03     Aion 9, Rule-based systems, Paradigm Plus, UML

FOR: Architectori  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lead Architect ~~~~~
London,  UK        "Intelligent Enterprise Architecture Generator”
July.02 - Nov.02    WebLogic, Aion8, Together,JRules, Oracle, UML

FOR: VODAFONE/VZV  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lead Architect ~~~~~
London, UK        "Vizzavi Web/WAP Portal 2.0 - SMS Alerts Engine"
Oct.01 - May.02     WebLogic, Vignette, EJB, JSP, JDBC, XML, WML.

FOR: NOKIA/IBM-UK  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lead Architect ~~~~~
Helsinki, Finland  "NOL 2.0 - NOKIA On Line"
March.01- Sept.01   WebLogic, Vignette, Aion8, EJB, JMS, JSP, UML

FOR: Middleware C. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lead Architect ~~~~~
Chicago, IL     "EJB/JMS reengineering of Message Board Component"
February.01      Jbuilder4, WebLogic,TogetherJ, EJB, JMS, JSP, UML

FOR: MetalSite     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lead Architect ~~~~~
Pittsburgh, PA    "RFQ Architecture in BEA WebLogic and XML / JMS"
Dec.00 - Jan.01    Weblogic, Jbuilder4,AionDS, JMS, EJB, JSP, JDBC

FOR: Replay TV     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lead Architect ~~~~~
Mount. View, CA  "Video Ad Broadcast Scheduling & Delivery Server"
July.2000-Dec.00  Weblogic, TogetherJ,Prolog, Aion8, Servlets, JSP

FOR: Andersen Cons.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lead Architect ~~~~~
San Francisco, CA        "Live Exchange - B2B Auctioning Server"
June.2000-July.00         Weblogic,TogetherJ, Java, JSP, WAP, WML

FOR: IBM (Iic)     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lead Architect ~~~~~
Armonk,   NY          "Dynamic  J2EE Infrastructure"
April.2000-June.2000   Weblogic, Prolog, AionDS, JMS, EJB, Java.

FOR: Intuit        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lead Architect ~~~~~
Mnt. View, CA           "Intuit Business to Business Connectivity"
Sept.99 - April.2000     XML, UML, ActiveWorks, Java, Servlets,Orc

FOR: IONA Tech.    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lead Architect ~~~~~
Santa  Clara,  CA       "XDI  Server Extensions"
Dec.99 - April.2000      XML, Java, Servlets, Java, AionDS, Oracle.


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