directories that change into symlinks

David Garamond davegaramond at
Mon Jan 6 15:37:01 EST 2003

John Van Essen wrote:
> Dave,
> What you need is the --force option.  It's not obvious from the
> all-too-generic name, but that will do the trick.
> To the rsync maintainers - this is somewhat of an FAQ.  Perhaps
> the error message could also say '(see the --force option)' to
> help users discover the solution more easily.

thanks john, that solved the problem. i should've perhaps looked at the 
manpage twice. the manpage (2.5.5) already states this quite clearly:

  --force   force deletion of directories even if not empty

however, i personally think --force should be the default as it is more 
common, or shouldn't it?


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