restricting rsync over ssh on the server side.

Rob Browning rlb at
Mon Jan 6 02:43:01 EST 2003

jw schultz <jw at> writes:

> For the most part there shouldn't be much of a problem.  What you
> are talking about doing is erroring out if the path(s) are out of
> bounds, and either adding/removing options or erroring if they are
> missing/present.
> You could just take the SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND and check to see if it
> conforms to requirements.  If it does, run it.  If it doesn't, kick
> out an (informative) error message and exit.

So is the server-side invocation syntax documented anywhere?  I can
just use a dummy wrapper to see it in action, but it'd be nice to have
a general overview rather than just investigating via trial and error.
If there aren't really any docs, then when I get around to it I can
just go check the source.

Thanks again.

Rob Browning
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