IPv6 hosts allow|deny

Max Bowsher maxb at ukf.net
Sun Jan 5 13:59:00 EST 2003

Bert Vermeulen wrote:
> On Sun, 5 Jan 2003, Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Bert Vermeulen wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Does anyone know what the status is of Hideaki Yoshifuji's IPv6 ACL
>>> patch? He's submitted this twice now, and that was 3 months ago.
>>> Judging by the comments made when this was submitted, it's
>>> apparently not understood how important this is.
>>> - if you IPv6 on your rsync server, you can not secure it with
>>>   "hosts allow".
>>> - if you enable IPv6 on an rsync server that's secured with "hosts
>>>   deny" to keep certain hosts out, well, they can get in again -- if
>>>   they also have IPv6.
>>> Please, can this patch be merged into the next release? This is very
>>> important! It is NOT new functionality, it's a security fix.
>> I think the problem is that wget currently has *no active
>> maintainers*. 
>> Based on a recent thread, there is no-one with CVS commit
>> priviledges who reads this list.
> I'm talking about rsync. This is the rsync list.

OK... That was a fairly impressive "Doh!" moment! Ooops!


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