filelist calculation algoritm

Aaron Morris aaronmorris at
Sat Jan 4 18:51:02 EST 2003

You did not specifically mention it:  compression (-z) would probably 
help more than anything.  Otherwise, you could do something like:

Have a file (ie filelist.txt) that contains the filename (with relative 
paths), one file per line.

rsync -rRWz `cat filelist.txt` user at hostname::module

The only limitation to this is if you have a large file list you may get 
  a shell error.

It has already been suggested in this list, as well as by myself in the 
rsync wishlist for a new option to specify a file that has a list of 
files to be transferred.

wim delvaux wrote:
> HI all,
> efficiency question for VERY low bandwith networks
> Suppose I know the list of files that are changed
> What is the most efficient way to make rsync sync this list.
> Currently I use --include-from --exclude to generate a 'filelist' but I 
> suspect that client and/or server exchange the list of files in the module to 
> be synced.  this traffic can be avoided since the include-from points to FILE 
> names and not FILE patterns
> Suggestions ?
> W

Aaron W Morris
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