rsync windows -> unix still hanging :(

Timothy Burt tburt at
Fri Jan 3 18:26:00 EST 2003

I am seeing similar symptoms.


Compaq 350 mhz CPU

Top shows memory at:

Mem:   154840K av,   25904K used,  128936K free,       0K shrd,    2532K 
Swap:  264592K av,       0K used,  264592K free                   12004K 

Network is 10mb hub connection.


rsync  version 2.5.4  protocol version 26

On a redhat 7.3 system, patched up to the current level.

Updated Kernel

2.4.18-18.7.x #1 Wed Nov 13 19:30:43 EST


Backing up Windows shares via samba mounts to a local dedicated ide disk 
(60mb).  This solution works wonderfully, BTW.  With one exception...

Backing up a large volume of images that range in size from 18 mb to 
+100mb each.  Approximately 45 GB total.  Files are distributed in 
sub-directories, some large, but not overly excessive.

Source machine is Windows 2000 server.  Disk partition with approx 45 mb.

The rsync proceeds nicely using:

rsync -rtv /mnt/ntserver/sharename /mountedbackupdisk/

It produces expected results.  However, when the command is run again, it 
finds two or three dozen files it thinks need to be refreshed.  I stop the 
rsync, and check the file sizes, perms, and chksums.  All are a match.

If I allow it to refresh the files, and run the command again.  It finds 
fewer to refresh.  Subsequent runs will eventually cause the refreshes to 
stop.  Odd behaviour.

If I run:

rsync -rtvvv /mnt/ntserver/sharename /mountedbackupdisk/

The /mnt/ntserver/sharename is a samba mounted win2000 filesystem.

The output stops after about 1100 lines with:


The process is still there, but the load drops and there are no packets 
going in/out of the ethernet interface.  I think rsync has hung.  Note 
that this occurs only when I specify additional "-vvv".


I saw somewhat similar results when backing up the 4 office workstations, 
which run win98 and winxp.  Re-running the command would find files that 
needed to be backed up.  I thought these might be files that changed while 
backup was running, but running the command at night, I would see the 
same.  Again, eventually, it would report no changes to be updated.


I have used rsync for years to backup Linux boxes to disk.  It works 
wonderfully!  I want the same reliability and efficiency when backing up 
windows too.

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.  If I can provide more 
details or do some testing, I have quite a few boxes at my disposal.


Timothy Burt
General Manager
Arbor Group LLC
Los Angeles, Calif. USA

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