Simulating rdist?

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Thu Jan 2 07:32:01 EST 2003

On Wed, Jan 01, 2003 at 06:09:53PM -0800, yahoogroups at wrote:
> --- Dave Dykstra < at>
> wrote:
> > See the BATCH MODE section in the rsync 2.5.5 man page.  It's stil pretty
> > new and experimental, so it may not do what you want, but currently it's the
> > best that rsync can do.
> I dont quite understand. The man page mentions that it creates 4 files with
> various rsync state information. 
> How does this help me in propagating a src tree to N different machines?
These 4 files can be used on the remote systems to update the target tree
using the --read-batch option. This is more efficient because the transfer of
the diff information can happen in parallel (e.g. using multicast filetransfer
tools) and the source tree is only examined once instead of N times. Of
course, this only works if the target trees are not changed in any other way
than by using this method.

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