Not preserving permissions really preserves some

tim_smithers at tim_smithers at
Thu Jan 2 01:47:00 EST 2003

This appears to be a feature :-)

I'm running rsync 2.5.5 on Solaris 8, and testing transferring
files between two boxes with permission preservation turned *off*.

I have three files:

700 with permissions 700
770 with permissions 770
777 with permissions 770

The umask for the target system is set to: 007
[I have checked this via prints from the rsync code]

When the files get transferred, the permissions are:

700 -> permission 700
770 -> permission 770
777 -> permission 770

This retains the permissions from the group part of the file 700.
That is, even though my umask wants the group set, it doesn't
get set.

Why this is a problem for me:

I don't trust the source system to get the permissions correct
(it's a windows box running cygwin), and I want to force a set
of permissions so the process using the synched directory will
be able to access it (through group permissions).

Suggested solution:

I don't think changing the way permissions are created would be
that backward-compatible, so maybe a new option?

Create an option: --ignore-permissions

in receive_file_entry(), in filelist.c

========== code block ====================
if (!preserve_perms) {
    extern int orig_umask;
    /* set an appropriate set of permissions based on original
       permissions and umask. This emulates what GNU cp does */

       file->mode &= ~orig_umask;  <-- change this to line below

       file->mode = ((ignore_perms?0:0666) | file->mode) & ~orig_umask;

I used 0666 for the mask to pick up the execute bit (otherwise might
screw up creating directories we can go down).

I would be interested in any feedback on this problem from the maintainers.
If there is any agreement on how it might be addressed and included in a
new version, then I am happy to create all of the patch files and test it
for submission to a maintainer.

If any replies to the list could also cc my reply address, that would
be appreciated.

    - Tim

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