BackupPC 2.0.0beta0 released - now supports rsync

Craig Barratt craig at
Tue Feb 25 16:47:06 EST 2003

I just released version 2.0.0beta0 of BackupPC on SourceForge, see

What is BackupPC?  It is an enterprise-grade open-source package for
backing up WinXX and *nix systems to disk.  It supports transport via
SMB, tar and now rsync over rsh/ssh and rsyncd.  The backend features
hard-linking of any identical files (not just files with the same
name) and compression, giving a 6x to 10x reduction in disk storage.
It also has a comprehensive web (CGI) interface.

The rsync support in BackupPC is based on File::RsyncP, a perl rsync
client; see

A future version of BackupPC will also support block and file checksum
caching for additional performance.


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