Copying EAs and ACLs

jw schultz jw at
Tue Feb 25 14:42:05 EST 2003

On Sun, Feb 23, 2003 at 01:13:56PM +0100, Andreas Gruenbacher wrote:
> Hello,
> I am the guy behind the ext2/ext3 patches for Extended Attributes and ACLs, 
> and I've recently been asked about ACL support in rsync by Eric. Upon 
> investigating I found that you have an ACL patch against rsync-2.5.5 [1]. I 
> also found some other postings to rsync at concerning rsync and 
> ACLs [3].

I'm on 2.4 and the only ACL docs i have are from XFS which
while consistant with POSIX i'm not using at the moment anyway.
getfacl (1)          - get file access control lists
setfacl (1)          - set file access control lists
chacl (1)            - change the access control list of a file or directory
acl (5)              - Access Control Lists

Where can i find the system calls documented?  They don't
seem to be part of SUSv3 and Andreas Browne's latest
manpages have no ACL related manpages.

Thanks much.  I'm a bit concerned that onone else has spoken
up on this thread?

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