rsync vs. rcp

Craig Barratt craig at
Thu Feb 20 14:04:44 EST 2003

> I wasn't aware that it had this. Was it there at the time of the
> original discussion (Oct 2002)? The people involved in the discussion
> then didn't seem to know this.

I wasn't aware of it in Oct 2002 during that discussion.  I saw it in
the code a month or two after that.  I haven't checked the history,
but it is definitely there in 2.5.5.

> However, it's not really adequate. A 16K block size only really works
> for files up to about 500M. Still... that's a lot better than I thought
> it was at the time.

Agreed.  Checksum length matters a lot more than block size, as you
pointed out in your earlier analysis.


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