rsync vs. rcp

Craig Barratt craig at
Thu Feb 20 11:36:02 EST 2003

> RSYNC DOES NOT WORK WITH 1GB+ FILES... unless you have a sufficiently
> large block size. See the following;

Let's be careful here.  Rsync *does* work on 1GB+ files.  What you
probably meant to say was that rsync's first pass might fail on
files that have 1GB+ of changes.  But the second pass (which uses
the full MD4 block checksum) will work correctly.

So a more correct statement is that Rsync might work *slowly* on
files with 1GB+ of changes because two passes are required.

BTW, rsync already has an adaptive block size unless you set it
on the command-line.  The block size is roughly

    min(16384, max(700, file_size/10000))

ie: file_size/10000, but no less than 700 and no more than 16384.


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