[Apt-rpm] I: [PATCH] 0.5.4cnc9: rsync method support

Paul Green paulg at sw.stratus.com
Thu Feb 20 04:25:43 EST 2003

Sviatoslav Sviridov [mailto:svd at ns1.lintec.minsk.by] wrote:
>It would be good if attached patch will be included in upstream. This
>patch adds option --apt-support for rsync and with this option rsync
>will print some additional information about file being transfered. No
>program logic changed. Having this option in rsync we can have apt with
>rsync method support.

1. What is apt?  
2. The code changes look pretty simple and quite clean, but I didn't see any 
documentation changes. 

Are there any objections to my applying this patch if Sviatoslav supplies 
documentation changes, too?

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