FW: Rsync 2.5.6 ssh-basic.test patch

Paul Green paulg at sw.stratus.com
Thu Feb 20 03:33:40 EST 2003

Steve Bonds [mailto:knnf6cy7w001 at sneakemail.com] wrote:
>I couldn't get the ssh tests to work in rsync 2.5.6 and it doesn't appear
>that they ever could have worked.  There were two problems with the script
>I noticed:
>1) The "from" directory is never populated with files to test.  It looked
>like the "hands_setup" function from rsync.fns was designed for this, so I
>added it in.
>2) The "F1" variable used to pick a random(?) file to rename in order to
>check rsync's ability to find differences was never set.  This means that
>the following "mv" command would fail since it would try to move a
>directory into a subdirectory of itself.

Thanks. Applied.

>PS: Just in case your lawyers care, I release this code into the public
>domain and claim no copyright.

IANAL but I'd say this statement is redundant given the fact you posted the code 
to a public mailing list and didn't add yourself to the copyright lists. But 
thanks anyway.  :-)

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