Pb w/ >2GB files on AIX (4.3.3/5.1)

Paul Green paulg at sw.stratus.com
Wed Feb 19 07:31:37 EST 2003

"Dean" <dean at dacunha.net> wrote:
>I have discovered that rsync 2.5.6 uses the mkstemp() routine wich do
>not have a 64bits version into the AIX libc.
>A very simple workaround to the big files writing rsync pb. is to not
>use this routine that create files w/ mkstemp() by modifying the
>"syscall.c" source file at line 154 as following :
>#if defined(HAVE_SECURE_MKSTEMP) && defined(HAVE_FCHMOD)
>#if defined(HAVE_SECURE_MKSTEMP) && defined(HAVE_FCHMOD) && !

This needs to be turned into a configure test in order to be accepted. (See 
configure.in). If we start putting in tests for operating systems, we've started 
down the primrose path... (apologies to non-native English speakers; the rest of 
the quote is "...to dalliance", i.e., to doing things the Wrong Way).

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