Include files though directory excluded

Gregor Waluga gregor.waluga at
Tue Feb 18 10:47:16 EST 2003


I got a little question on the rsync-option include/exclude:
I excluded all hidden files in my home-directory but I want two files to be 
included. I used following command:

gregor at notebook:~> rsync -avzuPn -e ssh --exclude=.* --exclude=* 
--include=.kderc --include=.gaimrc /home/gregor/
building file list ...
1 file to consider
wrote 69 bytes  read 20 bytes  178.00 bytes/sec
total size is 0  speedup is 0.00
gregor at notebook:~>

Why this transfer was not successful? The syntax is correct (I think).

My general problem is, that I want to use an include-file, where also exludes 
are listed. Here's my file (base directory is /home/gregor/):
- *
- .*
+ .kde/share/apps/kabc/*
+ .kde/share/apps/kbear/*
+ .kde/share/apps/kopete/*
+ .kde/share/apps/korganizer/*
+ .kde/share/apps/quanta/*
+ .gaim/*
+ .gaimrc
+ .OpenOffice/user/config/*
+ .OpenOffice/user/wordbook/*

What's wrong here??
Thanks for your support!


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