no files transferred but output shows lots of directories why?

Steve Matlock smatlock at
Fri Feb 14 11:38:20 EST 2003

I'm using rsync version 2.5.5. 

I have in my crontab file the following command line

0 16 * * * /opt/rsync/bin/rsync -auvxzCS --partial
/path/TAG/. | mailx -s

When I receive the email with the output from the
rsync transfer I get a list of directories but no
files actually transferred. My question is why is
rsync giving me a list of directories? I verified that
the files were infact up to date and did not need

Next I touched a file on the local side and manually
pushed it to the other with the above command line. I
now see in the output the additional file as well as
the long list of directories. Next I touched another
file and pushed again, this time without the verbose
options. There was no output at all.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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