problems with _LARGE_FILES on AIX 5.1 with 32-bit kernel

Andreas Schott schott at
Fri Feb 14 03:01:58 EST 2003

Dear rsync-developers,

on AIX5.1 with 32-bit kernel one can have large-file support.
rsync in principle supports it correctly since the flag
_LARGE_FILES is treated correctly in the /usr/include/*.h
But there is one point missing, the mkstemp is not opening
a large file. So syncing large files crash after 2GB.
To avoid this one could either put a


at the beginning of syscall.c or in rsync.h, or one could add a


in line 154 of syscall.c

Best configure would not define HAVE_SECURE_MKSTEMP if
_LARGE_FILES is defined, because mkstemp is not secure
for large files. There is no mkstemp64.

I did not check, whether with a 64-bit-kernel the mkstemp
works properly, since I have no access to a machine running
AIX5.1 in 64-bit kernel-mode.

For replies, pleas reply directly, since I am not on the list.

With kind regards
Andreas Schott.
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