rsync in cygwin as service

Craig Barratt craig at
Wed Feb 12 18:31:46 EST 2003

> Certanly, I tried --config....
> Could you tell me which rsync version do you use?

rsync 2.5.5 and rsync 2.5.6 both work fine for me.

Is it possible that rsync is already running as a service?
It won't show up in cygwin's ps.  For example, when rsync
is running via cygrunsrv, if I type:

    rsync --daemon

it exits with no error, but ps shows no process.  But rsync is
indeed running, eg:

    tcsh 438% telnet localhost 873
    Connected to XXXX.
    Escape character is '^]'.
    @RSYNCD: 26
    @ERROR: protocol startup error
    Connection closed by foreign host.

You can also see rsync.exe in the windows task manager.

You could also try a different port number to see if there is
someone else on 873:

    craigslt 461% ps aux | egrep rsync
    craigslt 462% rsync --daemon --port=1234
    craigslt 463% ps aux | egrep rsync
         4020       1    4020       4020    ? 1005 23:29:08 /bin/rsync


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