Problem with rsync from one machine

Tom Walsh slim at
Fri Feb 7 09:36:41 EST 2003

I recompiled rsync on Machine A (the problem machine) and it has cleared up
the issue.

I am still trying to figure out what the issue was in the first place.

I have tried to duplicate the issue again, without any success.

Must have been a planitary alignment issue or coronal discharge while

Either way thank you for the suggestions...

Tom Walsh
Network Administrator

::Any directory?  What do you mean by that?  This hapens to
::the first file in every directory? Zero lenghth files?
::.pwd.lock is all over?  I'm not really familiar with that
::particular file but i do have one on my SuSE systems but
::only in /etc

::Someone else has suggested using strace.  Good idea but you need
::to push (initiate the rsync on "A") for that to do much good.
::Perhaps something is just really strange.
::Start with a ls -sl .pwd.lock.  Anything odd?
::cat /dev/null >.pwd.lock

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