different behavior in dry-run than without

george donnelly list at zettai.net
Thu Feb 6 15:02:16 EST 2003


when i run this command in dry-run mode, its complies with the include
exclude rules perfectly (based on what it shows me; i.e. it only gives me
the stuff i have specified and not every single folder in /usr/home).

however when i run it without the -n option it, it backs up all the folders
in /usr/home (thought not the contents of the folders.)

however if i remove the leading include */ i get nothing, or if i put
include /usr/home/*/

I've tried a bunch of different options and wonder if anyone would be so
kind as to point me to a reference on this (other than the man page which i
have almost memorized).

i guess the basic question is how do i select specifc subfolders without
getting everything else?

rsync -rvLRzptgoD --stats --include="*/" --include="/usr/home/*/apache/**"
--include="/usr/home/*/backmeup/**" --include="/usr/home/**/Data.fs"
--include="/usr/home/**/reposit/**" --include="/usr/home/*/apache.conf"
--exclude="*" /usr/home/ /backup/backups/backup.0/

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