incremental backup preserving extended attributes

Eric Chen echen at
Thu Feb 6 06:33:09 EST 2003


I have 2 linux machines, SOURCE and DEST on a network. I create some
snapshots of the file structure on SOURCE and these snapshots have extended
attributes. I want to copy the snapshots from SOURCE over to DEST over the
network, but I don't want to lose the information on the extended
attributes. I don't think that rsync supports this so I was wondering if
anyone knew of a protocol that does. If I have to modify the source code to
allow the preservation of EA's, where would i get started? If anyone has any
suggestions or can direct me to some helpful resources, please let me know.
I could use some help on this matter. If there is another protocol that can
support this file copy + preservation of EA's, please let me know.


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