rsync 1tb+ each day

Kenny Gorman kgorman at
Wed Feb 5 06:29:48 EST 2003

I am rsyncing 1tb of data each day.  I am finding in my testing that 
actually removing the target files each day then rsyncing is faster than 
doing a compare of the source->target files then rsyncing over the delta 
blocks.  This is because we have a fast link between the two boxes, and 
that are disk is fairly slow. I am finding that the creation of the temp 
file (the 'dot file') is actually the slowest part of the operation. 
This has to be done for each file because the timestamp and at least a 
couple blocks are guaranteed to have changed (oracle files).

My question is this:

Is it possible to tell rsync to update the blocks of the target file 
'in-place' without creating the temp file (the 'dot file')?  I can 
guarantee that no other operations are being performed on the file at 
the same time.  The docs don't seem to indicate such an option.

Thx in advance..

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