pulling tree : semantics problem

Vardhan Varma vardhan at cadence.com
Tue Feb 4 20:52:30 EST 2003

I'm trying to pull my home from a remote machine.
I get a error
'failed to set permissions on home : Not owner'
which is obvious:

rsync -a remote:/home/foo/bar/zee  /
this create /home/foo/bar/zee here , but give above error
I don't own /,/home but i own /home/foo/bar and lower.

If i tell rsync to:
rsync -a remote:/home/foo/bar/zee  /home/foo/bar
  it creates /home/foo/bar/home/foo/bar/zee !!

How do i tell rsync to basically cd to /home/foo/bar on remote machine
and rsync zee from there, so that here i can 'catch' it /home/foo/bar
and don't bother about permissions of /,/home,/home/foo,/home/foo/bar


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