server crash when running rsync --daemon

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Sun Feb 2 09:07:59 EST 2003

On Sat, Feb 01, 2003 at 01:47:39PM -0800, Jorg B. wrote:
> Hello,
> We are running rsync version 2.5.6 on a slackware (version 9.0-beta) linux 
> server. This server is basicly a ftp server (96 sessions max) and a rsync 
> (rsync --daemon) server (25 connections max).
> The server keeps on crashing and after many ours of hardware/software trouble 
> shooting the crashes appear to be related to the rsync processes.
> If I turn off rsync --daemon the server runs fine for days... after I turn 
> rsync back on the server crashes (freezes) within 5 minutes without any logs 
> or indications on what caused the crash.
> I've read that there is a know memory issue on directory trees that are fairly 
> large... could this be the reason.
> Here's some info about the machine...
> Slackware Linux (kernel 2.4.20)
> Adaptec P2-B Motherboard
> Pentium III - 500Mhz
> Adaptec Dual channel Ultra 160 scsi adapter with 10,000 RPM IBM scsi drives.
> 512MB of RAM
> Here is a copy of the rsyncd.conf file:
> ftp:/etc# cat rsyncd.conf
> max connections = 25
> syslog facility = daemon
> #socket options = SO_KEEPALIVE
> read only = yes
> list = yes
> uid = nobody
> gid = nobody
> timeout = 180
> [blah]
>         comment = blah
>         path = /home/ftp/pub/files
> Does anybody have any idea on what the problem may be ?

Most likely you have a hardware problem.

When user-mode code causes a system to crash it is the
system that is at fault, not the user-mode code.  rsync is
known for its ability to stress the system.  Either you have
a hardware problem or you are experiencing a bug in the
2.4.20 kernel.

I assume the system had been running OK for some time and
that this is a new problem.

Start by looking in the system logs for anything suspicious.
Be especially alert to disk and interrupt errors.  Run
memtest86, preferably overnight.  While doing that you might
check to see if there are any known issues with 2.4.20 and
your hardware or in general (check out kernelnewbies).  If
you still don't find anything ask on kernelnewbies or lkml
following the procedures indicated on kernelnewbies.

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