BAD rsync, or is it bad me?

Wesley Joyce wjoyce at
Wed Dec 31 12:16:25 EST 2003

Yep, your right!  thanks.

At 08:58 PM 12/30/2003, John Van Essen wrote:

>On Tue, 30 Dec 2003, Wesley Joyce <wjoyce at> wrote:
> > Something very scary just happened to me while I was creating a ksh script
> > to rsync mulitple FS between two hosts.  Here is the script, notice the 'i'
> > at the end of rsync line, it got put there by mistake.  You also see the
> > contents of $FSLIST cat'd below the script.  When I ran this, it started to
> > delete files in root's home directory and place files from the fist FS,
> > /banner, into root's home directory.  The resolved rsync line in the first
> > instance would have been...
> >
> > rsync -vaz -e "ssh" --delete --exclude-from=/usr/local/adm/rsync.exclude
> > /banner/ backenp650:/banneri
>Nope.  The destination in your script was  "$DHOST:$FSi"
>$FSi  is a variable named  FSi  which does not exist, so a null
>string was used, leaving your destination as  "backenp650:"
>And that would indeed be using the home directory on the destination.
>Not bad rsync - bad you!  ;-)
>I would suggest always using --dry-run when debugging scripts like this
>and then remove it when it looks like things will work as you intended.
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