BAD rsync, or is it bad me?

Wesley Joyce wjoyce at
Wed Dec 31 11:35:11 EST 2003

Something very scary just happened to me while I was creating a ksh script 
to rsync mulitple FS between two hosts.  Here is the script, notice the 'i' 
at the end of rsync line, it got put there by mistake.  You also see the 
contents of $FSLIST cat'd below the script.  When I ran this, it started to 
delete files in root's home directory and place files from the fist FS, 
/banner, into root's home directory.  The resolved rsync line in the first 
instance would have been...

rsync -vaz -e "ssh" --delete --exclude-from=/usr/local/adm/rsync.exclude 
/banner/ backenp650:/banneri

When I ran it, the output began like this

building file list ... done
deleting sysback/C480KIE.tar
deleting directory sysback
deleting stuff/user/usermigrate2.ksh
deleting stuff/user/rmuserdir.ksh
deleting stuff/user/rmuser.ksh
deleting stuff/user/mkuser5.ksh
deleting stuff/user/mkuser4.ksh
deleting stuff/user/mkuser3.ksh
deleting stuff/user/mkuser2.ksh
deleting stuff/user/mkuser1.ksh

So I immediately pressed ctrl-c and began restoring my files! :)  Did it 
default to $HOME or ~ because the destination directory did not exist 
(/banneri) or did I miss something in my observation?

"rsyncall.ksh" 15 lines, 449 characters
#rsyncs all fs listed in $FSLIST from localhost to $DHOST



for FS in $(cat $FSLIST);
   echo "rsync'ing $FS from $SHOST to $DHOST"
   rsync -vaz -e "ssh" --delete --exclude-from=/usr/local/adm/rsync.exclude 
   echo "\n"


cat /usr/local/adm/rsync.fslist
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