Question about file ownership on destination

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Tue Dec 30 14:38:17 EST 2003


Actually, I tried that earlier and it didn't work.  The connection 
terminates unexpectedly almost immediately after the process begins.  Rsyncd 
uses user nobody by default, and that user can't create the files on the 
server.  That would work perfectly if the server was the source, but in my 
case it's the destination.

After your suggestion I did discover a solution, though.  I had to 
explicitly assign uid and gid to root in rsyncd.conf (hmmm, security?).   
Well, I have also restricted the allowed hosts and the segment is behind a 
firewall that filters the rsyncd port, so it should be reasonably secure.

Thanks for helping out Wayne.


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>On Mon, Dec 29, 2003 at 05:23:21PM -0500, acct svcs wrote:
> > AFAIK, the daemon is running as root.
>Quoting from the rsyncd.conf file you cited:
>         uid = server1
>	gid = server1
>Comment-out these lines.

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