Shorten long lines in man page options summary

John Van Essen vanes002 at
Tue Dec 30 14:37:53 EST 2003

One thing that's bugged me is that some of the man page lines in the
options summary are longer than 79 chars and wrap onto the next line.

These are just one line summaries (detailed description appear later)
so they can, and should, be terse.

Here's an edited diff showing my proposed changes (and a 79 char ruler):


-            --suffix=SUFFIX         define backup suffix (default ~ w/o --backup-dir)
+            --suffix=SUFFIX         backup suffix (default ~ w/o --backup-dir)
-            --ignore-existing       ignore files that already exist on the receiving side
+            --ignore-existing       ignore files already present on receiver
-            --delete                delete files that don't exist on the sending side
+            --delete                delete files that don´t exist on sender
-            --delete-excluded       also delete excluded files on the receiving side
+            --delete-excluded       also delete excluded files on receiver

-            --force                 force deletion of directories even if not empty
+            --force                 delete directories even if not empty
-        -I, --ignore-times          don't exclude files that match length and time
+        -I, --ignore-times          ignore mod time (ignore file size, also)
-            --size-only             only use file size when determining if a file should be transferred
+            --size-only             ignore mod time (only compare file size)
-            --modify-window=NUM     Timestamp window (seconds) for file match (default=0)
+            --modify-window=NUM     window (+/- seconds) for mod time match

-            --compare-dest=DIR      also compare destination files relative to DIR
+            --compare-dest=DIR      also compare files relative to DIR

-        -0  --from0                 file names we read are separated by nulls, not newlines
+        -0  --from0                 file list delimited by nulls, not newlines

Comments?  Suggestions?

Since this doesn't involve executable code, can this get into 2.6.0
(without another "pre" release)?
        John Van Essen  Univ of MN Alumnus  <vanes002 at>

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