rsync 2.5.7 link-dest seems broken

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Tue Dec 30 11:27:21 EST 2003

Hi --

I'm experiencing problems when using rsync between two different machines.
Details follows:

Both machines are running 2.4.23, rsync versions on both are identically
configured versions of 2.5.7:

rsync  version 2.5.7  protocol version 26
Copyright (C) 1996-2002 by Andrew Tridgell and others
Capabilities: 64-bit files, socketpairs, hard links, symlinks, batchfiles, 
              IPv6, 64-bit system inums, 64-bit internal inums

I'm using rsync across ssh in all cases.

If i use --link-dest to copy/link a directory tree from hosta -> hosta (over
ssh) this will work, files will be copied and linked.  Between hostb -> hostb
also works, files will be copied and linked. hosta -> hostb or vice versa
doesn't work. 

In the latter case rsync reports a speed up, so i presume it is using some of
the existing content to optimize network usage.  However the speed up is very
much lower than in the first two cases.

AFAICT rsync should use numeric id's only when requested, and the user and
group name combinations are identical on both sides.

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