bug on --partial

Manuel Mollar mm at mobelt.com
Mon Dec 29 06:18:46 EST 2003

Tx for your response, but I am not interested on such reading :-)
My concussion is rsync must be used with more care than necessary

jw schultz wrote:

>On Sun, Dec 28, 2003 at 09:50:37AM +0100, Manuel Mollar wrote:
>>Sorry if this is well known.
>>Suposse I am transferring a large (by now) file, say 1Gbyte with --partial:
>> rsync -e ssh -a --partial 1gbfile server:
>>If process is interrumpted, temporary file is renamed to good filename 
>>with size samall than original, say 400Mbyte, ok.
>>If from client I do again the same command, then, in server the 400Mbyte 
>>file is COPIED to another temporary file, but this take some time.
>>I from client I press crtl-C when in server temporary file is not 
>>already copied, say is 200 Mbyte, temporary file overwrites the 400Mbyte 
>>file, losing a lot of data.
>>Why do no symple rename partial file to temporry file, instead of COPYING?
>>(Copying generates obvious additional problems where disk space is short).
>Rsync has absolutely, positively no way to know it is
>that the destination file is an exact copy of the beginning
>of the source nor is it able to update-in-place.
>This has much less to do with --partial than with the rsync
>algorithm.  You may want to read my "how rsync works" document.

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