Bug report: rsync does not always discriminate upper and lower case

Wesley D Craig wes at umich.edu
Mon Dec 29 03:37:04 EST 2003

On 28 Dec 2003, at 05:15, jw schultz wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 28, 2003 at 10:45:52AM +0100, alain content wrote:
>> Bad, bad Apple.
> Look for the thread on this list with the subject
> "workaround for HFS+'s case-insensitivity"
> One of the messages discusses options for making hpfs case
> sensitive.

Sadly, you can't boot Mac OS X from a case-sensitive volume.  This 
makes using rsync for backing up the OS tricky.  People who are 
interested in Apple fixing this bug should file a report:


It's important in these reports to state the impact of the bug/design 
decision, preferably in Apple's lost revenue, market share, etc.


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