Getting Started (Trying)

Jim Salter jim at
Wed Dec 24 15:24:42 EST 2003

kevin_david_carpenter wrote:
> I have configured my rcyncd.conf file and it is stored in /etc.
> Whne I type in the command rsync --daemon, nothing happens.
> Whats wrong? I type in netstat to see if I can see port 873 being 
> used but there is nothing. Here is my conf file
> log file = /var/log/rsyncd.log
> [home]
>    path = /vmfs/Storage
>    comment = My Home Area
>    list = yes
>    read only = no
> I am new to linux and rsync. Using latest version of Rsync in a 
> vmware server which uses redhat 7.2 I believe

Try manually specifying the location of rsyncd.conf on your command 
line, ie rsync --config=/etc/rsyncd.conf --daemon.  It's probably 
looking for it someplace where you didn't put it, and when it can't find 
an rsyncd.conf, it silently exits.

Jim Salter

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