getting rid of "permission denied" partial transfer errors

Jim Salter jim at
Wed Dec 24 03:46:07 EST 2003

> Or he could use SSH2 keys and an authorized_keys2 file, 

Waxing pedantic, that really ought to be and/or.  SSH2 keys are great as 
an added layer of security to apply some paranoia as to *what* box is 
calling the script, no matter what user account you're using to log in with.

> allow root on forced-command-only.  This would prevent root logins, but 
> allow a single box (or boxes) to rsync in and have read-only access to a 
> specific share.  Or you could create a passwordless uid 0 user 
> specifically for this purpose.  If you were really paranoid, the 

Eek.  I would personally be more nervous about stray uid 0 accounts 
floating around or direct root logins enabled (forced-command or no) 
than about using sudo to call a script.

Jim Salter

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