getting rid of "permission denied" partial transfer errors

Tom Allen tallen at
Wed Dec 24 03:30:55 EST 2003

> Ah, I see.  Sounds like you're down to either running as root on both 
> ends, or ignoring errors.
> Have you considered using sudo such that the fileserver isn't actually 
> logging into the backupserver as root, but only logging in as a 
> heavily *un*privileged account which can do nothing but run a script 
> chmodded 750 and chowned root.backup, which then sudo's rsync to do 
> your bidding?
Or he could use SSH2 keys and an authorized_keys2 file, with ssh set to 
allow root on forced-command-only.  This would prevent root logins, but 
allow a single box (or boxes) to rsync in and have read-only access to a 
specific share.  Or you could create a passwordless uid 0 user 
specifically for this purpose.  If you were really paranoid, the 
forced-command could be a script to check for abnormal behaviors and 
bail out if something is fishy.  There's multiple layers of 
authentication (the key itself, the from-host of ssh, and the allowed 
host in rsync), and exactly what is backed up can be pretty locked down 
and chrooted to prevent intentional or unintentional misuse.


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