getting rid of "permission denied" partial transfer errors

Sayan Sebastien.Li-thiao-te at
Wed Dec 24 03:24:18 EST 2003

Jim Salter wrote:
 >  > The rsync command tries to send sample_file to the backup server,
 >  > which cannot write it because it was not able to recurse into
 > my_directory.
 >  > Removing the -p switch and removing the backup file did not succeed,
 >  > and rsync continued to preserve the perms even without the switch. 
I am
 >  > running rsync 2.5.5 on debian woody/stable.
 > Hm.  You apparently missed something when you tried changing the
 > switches - if you aren't running rsync with -a, -o, or -g, it won't
 > create files or directories as owned by anyone but the user context it
 > is running under.  So permissions are no longer a problem, because even
 > if a directory is 700, when it's owned on the backup server by user
 > backup, user backup can of course traverse it.
yeah, except that the directory is not 700 but 600, so even user backup
cannot traverse it... but root can.


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