Orphaned rsync process on remote machine?

Marc Sarrel Marc.A.Sarrel at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Dec 23 13:12:59 EST 2003

Upon further investigation, I think I found part of the problem. 
There was a weird circular link in the destination directory.  I'm 
running a test of the fix right now.  I ran a test with no --timeout 
option and that seemed to work.  Then I found and deleted the 
circular link and am re-running with the normal 90-second time out.

What should a "normal" time out be?  Is 90 seconds too long?  Too short?



>Sometimes when I do an rsync, it times out and leaves on orphaned 
>process on the remote machine.  I am running rsync over ssh using 
>public key authentication.  I synchronize about twenty-five 
>machines, and this problem only appears on one of them.  It worked 
>until recently on this machine.  I don't know what changed or what 
>is different.
>I run rsync with a command line like this (only the names have been 
>changed to protect the innocent) :-):
>>aaaaaa:msarrel /u/cas/msarrel 105> /usr/local/bin/rsync --verbose 
>>--checksum --recursive --copy-unsafe-links --times --rsh=ssh 
>>--rsync-path=/usr/local/bin/rsync --delete --timeout=90 
>>--ignore-times --compress /lll/mmmmmmmmm/ 
>>bbbbbbb at cccccccc.dddddd.eee.ffff.ggg:/hhhh/iii/jjjjj/kkkkkkkkk
>>building file list ... done
>>io timeout after 90 seconds - exiting
>>rsync error: timeout in data send/receive (code 30) at io.c(103)
>>aaaaaa:msarrel /u/cas/msarrel 106>
>I tried changing the timeout to be 300 seconds, but got the same 
>result.  To this particular machine, the packets actually take a 
>fairly tortured route.  They go from the source, out through a 
>firewall, into a VPN tunnel, across the Internet, in through another 
>firewall, out of the VPN tunnel, over the river, through the woods, 
>to grandmother's house and finally to the destination machine. 
>However, there is a second machine at the same site that works with 
>the same tortured route.
>The orphaned process on the remote machine looks like this:
>>  8 R    msarrel 12023 12017 99  99 20 739adbf0    471 
>>01:25:32 ?        2:44 /usr/local/bin/rsync --server
>>  8 S    msarrel 12017     1  0  40 20 739a8740    325 739e6d46 
>>01:25:32 ?        0:00 tcsh -c /usr/local/bin/rsync
>I'm using the following version of rsync:
>>rsync  version 2.5.6  protocol version 26
>>Copyright (C) 1996-2002 by Andrew Tridgell and others
>>Capabilities: 64-bit files, socketpairs, hard links, symlinks, batchfiles,
>>               no IPv6, 64-bit system inums, 64-bit internal inums
>>rsync comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  This is free software, and you
>>are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.  See the GNU
>>General Public Licence for details.
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