getting rid of "permission denied" partial transfer errors

Sayan Sebastien.Li-thiao-te at
Tue Dec 23 07:11:26 EST 2003


I am currently setting up a backup script for the /home directory of a 
server. I send all the files on a remote machine through LAN connection 
using rsync to optimize bandwidth usage.

The script is run as root on the server by a cron job but rsync connects 
to the remote machine as a normal user via an ssh key certificate. This 
leads to many "permission denied" errors, as the server side can read 
files (as root), but cannot create them on the receiving side.

rsync -azSHe ssh --delete --numeric-ids /home backup at backup:/mnt/backup/

Is there an option to ignore only such errors? I have read the man page 
over and over but i could not find anything to suit my needs.



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