cwRsync 2.5.7

John Hunt john.rsync at
Tue Dec 23 04:08:39 EST 2003


On Sunday 14 Dec 2003 11:36, Tevfik Karagülle wrote:
> I tried two snapshots from : 20031214 and
> 20031206. The first one (14.dec) hangs all the time. The second one
> (06.dec) doesn't hang at all according to my tests!!
>  I released an updated cwRsync package(1.0.3a) with the latter snapshot. It
> can be downloaded from
>  It is definitely
> worth to test !!

Yes, it does work for me too (cwRsync 1.1.0).  Many thanks.

( I used the cygwin1.dll and rsync.exe from your package to replace the ones 
in my existing cygwin 1.5.5 installation.)

John Hunt
Stokesley, N Yorks, UK
e-mail: john.rsync at

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