rsync & smb errors while replacing illegal characters

Michael D. Bevilacqua michael at
Sun Dec 21 08:21:01 EST 2003


Last evening I did this recursive rsync:

rsync -avz data /mnt/RICEX0/DWT/Daredevil/1071865403/

..where data is a regular ext3 soft-RAID1 volume

...where /mnt/RICEX0/ is an NTFS hard-RAID10 volume mounted across VPN
using SMB.

And received errors that look to be generated by smb while trying to
recreate(?) the illegal characters.

Dec 20 04:30:55 daredevil kernel: smb_create: designs/.frank-fitzgerald.gif:^EQ30lsldxJoudresxAaaqpcawXc:$DATA.y39wPL failed, error=-22 

Dec 19 21:40:16 daredevil kernel: smb_create: NEW_MENU_BUTTONS_2/.appications-on.gif:{4c8cc155-6c1e-11d1-8e41-00c04fb9386d}:$DATA.qHLdcj failed, error=-22

Note the difference in the erroneous file names above and the actual file names listed here:

[root at daredevil designs]# ls -al frank*
-rwxrwsr-t    1 root     dw-core      7636 Jan 24  2000 frank-fitzgerald.gif:?Q30lsldxJoudresxAaaqpcawXc:$DATA

[root at daredevil NEW_MENU_BUTTONS_2]# ls -al 'appications-on.gif:{4c8cc155-6c1e-11d1-8e41-00c04fb9386d}:$DATA'
-rwxrwsr-t    1 root     dw-core         0 Sep 28  2001 appications-on.gif:{4c8cc155-6c1e-11d1-8e41-00c04fb9386d}:$DATA

Is this spawned from something I'm doing incorrectly? Thanks in advance :-)


Michael D. Bevilacqua

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