a newbie question

Serhan TÜRKMENLER serhant at doruk.net.tr
Sun Dec 21 01:15:00 EST 2003

Hello everyone I just found out this great tool. I need to use it to get access to DSBL zones. in their website it says 

Can I run my own DSBL DNS secondary?
DSBL provides direct rsync access to our zones. To retrieve one of the zones, install rsync and run the following command: 
	rsync -t rsync.dsbl.org::dsbl/<file> .
where <file> is one of: 
when I run #rsync -t rsync.dsbl.org::dsbl/rbldns-list.dsbl.orgwill I download this file ? I can view the directory but I cant download? What am I doing wrong?Thank You very much....

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